OzCharge Rescue Mate RM750 Batteryless Capacitor Jump Starter

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The Rescue Mate makes jump starting effortless.

No longer are you hooking up jumper cables.
No longer are you constantly recharging your jumper pack.

No batteries. No long recharges.

The Rescue Mate does not contain any batteries. Instead the Rescue Mate features super-capacitors which are capable of storing and discharging energy very quickly and effectively. In conjunction with our unique charging control circuit, it enables the Rescue Mate to charge up from very low voltages, even from a flat battery. Yes, you can charge the Rescue Mate off a flat battery.

Charged in 60 seconds.

This capacitor technology allows the Rescue Mate to be quick charged in as little as 60 seconds.No longer are you required to spend several hours recharging a jump starter. The Rescue Mate charges up upon use when you require it. Connect to another battery, another vehicle, or even your own flat battery.

10+ Year product life.

Remember how good the battery life in your phone USED to be? Over time it started depleting to the point now where you recharge it EVERY day.
Lithium batteries have an expected life of around 2 years before the performance severely deteriorates. Capacitors on the other hand don't store energy, they simple collect and release meaning there is very little strain placed on them. The Rescue Mate's capacitors are rated for 10+ Year life.

One less device to charge.

Lithium jump starters require recharging every two to three months. If you forget you might be left stranded with a flat battery and a flat jump starter. Unlike lithium, the Rescue Mate can be left in your car/boat/ATV/RV indefinitely without ever being charged. Pull it out when you need it and it’s ready to go when your vehicle isn’t.

OzCharge Rescue Mate RM750

Starting Current

750 Amps (Peak)

Battery Types

12 Volt Lead-Acid Batteries

Charge times:

12V Battery: 60 Seconds^
12V Cig. Lighter Plug: 5 minutes
Micro USB port (powerbank, laptop etc): 25 minutes

Petrol + Gas Engine Rating

8.0 Litres
**For use on diesel engines please refer to RM1000**




1.5 kgs / 3.3lbs

Operating Temperature

-40° C to 65° C

-40° F to 149°F


3 Years
Lifetime Customer Support

Note: Product Specifications Subject to change without notice.